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Through my transformational holistic approach, women step out of survival mode and into a happy, healthy and radiant life - where they are fully centered in their power.

If you feel trapped in the overwhelm of non-stop demands, where every day is a blur - I feel your frustration, exhaustion, and emptiness.  

As a busy mom, wife, and career woman, I fell into the trap of sacrifice.  I neglected myself.  I thought I had to because I didn’t dare take time for myself when everyone else needed me.

But who I became was not me!  I felt irritable, anxious, unhealthy, and stuck .  I lost myself and everyone around me paid the price!  And from this state of despair, I invested in 100s of hours of mentorship and discovered exactly how to reclaim my power, my life, and my passion.  And now my greatest joy is empowering women to thrive and have a life they love waking up to.

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I'm so glad 

you're here.

I believe we found each other
for a reason...

With my expertise in yoga and OT, nutrition, and holistic approach to the human body, I made it my mission to guide you through your own personal transformations to restore your health, rebuild self-confidence, create a positive body image, and have a mindful awareness of the strengths you have inside.

After all, there's a Wonder Woman in each of us, and the only thing holding us back is our own limiting beliefs. By connecting the mind, body & soul through conscious awareness, I provide changes that will last a lifetime with the perfect blend of physical activity, spiritual healing, and nutritional support.

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Ready to



Here's how we can work together...



Deepen your practice with intimate virtual or in-person sessions perfectly tailored for your individual needs ($150), travel costs not included.


Yoga is for everyone!

Vaza believes that yoga can benefit every single person.

No matter your shape, age, or gender.

A private yoga class with Vaza is the perfect gift for your beloved one as she crafts each class around her clients individual needs and abilities. Private 1:1 classes are the safest and easiest way to build a healthy yoga practice.

Book a private yoga session by following the arrow below. 

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Do you have a special event coming up? Do you want to make it even more memorable by adding a fun and accessible yoga class?

Special Occasions to make your experience and unforgettable one:

- wedding 

- bachelorette party

- baby blessing

- anniversary

- girls night out

- birthday


- corporate events

contact me directly for more info

I realized that when we learn to tap back into our internal wisdom, own our sovereignty, and empower ourselves by strengthening our body and mind, we are able to reclaim our power. ~ Vaza

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